About Guifre

Guifre is located on one of Raval’s quietest streets and only a few minute’s walk from Sant Antoni and Ciutat Vella’s top attractions.

The property itself was originally owned by a local Catalan family since the early 1900s and boasts many hidden features, invisible to the eye from the outside.

From its three-metre high, solid wood entrance doors to its original Catalan beams, you are instantly greeted with Guifre’s charm upon entering.

The property comes with a 20 m2 terrace which is one of its main assets. It is pleasantly quiet and receives sunshine throughout the day which is a rarity so many seek but cannot accomplish, living in the city centre.

Guifre Details

  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Interior Area: 110 m2
  • Exterior Area: 20 m2
  • Location: Ciutat Vella
  • Price: Upon request

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